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5 Best Project Management Software and Tools

Project management can be a tough task, especially when there is a lot going on around at the same time. Having your own company it is good to think about some technological support for your project management teams. That is why we want to present you five best project management software and tools which will make all your future tasks well-organized.


Jira is an example of agile management software. It is usually used by developer teams to plan, but also to track and – at last- release software. Nowadays, this tool becomes more and more popular, especially among companies that introduced an agile system to their everyday work. In Jira, you can easily create tasks, plan sprints, track all issues and be sure that going with the plan you will deliver software up-to-date. This tool also gives the possibility of creating reports, which can be very helpful and can show where something is wrong in the company and what parts work perfectly. Jira is part of Atlassian and because of that, it can be integrated with many different tools and platforms.    

2. Asana

Asana is a tool that gives you the possibility to quickly create new workflows by using already existing templates. You can also create a list of tasks there (both just for you and for another user), shared projects (where a task can be easily added and viewed by all team members) or even group or ungroup tasks into projects. All of the tasks can be commented by users. Another advantage of that solution is the fact that users can sign for updates when something changes in a particular task. Because of that, project managers can control processes in a more convenient way.

3. Trello

Trello is a tool that was designed for those who are not familiar with the Gantt method (chart) or typical vocabulary for project management. This is very intuitive and easy to learn solution, which is mostly based on visuals. It is built from card-based design. Every card is a list of tasks. The card can be moved to change their priorities and can contain data, comments or files. One of the coolest features in Trello is that you can create card with tasks via e-mail. It can also be updated that way. 

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a perfect solution for all of the people who are used to deal with project management by e-mails or meetings and thought that it is no longer enough for them. This is a perfect tool for beginners. Basecamp provides centralized communication around the project. There is no more need for sending separate messages to team members. Now all updated can be visible on teams board. The project manager can also assign and then check the task on to-do list. There is also a place to upload files and calendar in which all meetings and deadlines can be established.

5. is a very simple and visually intuitive tool. It contains boards that help with transparency at work. In a single board, you can check who is working on a particular task, meet the deadline and check task status. Because there are no two same teams, this tool can be customized to different needs and workflows. can help you with managing processes and addresses any challenge (from simple to not very easy ones) by build, especially for your need of dashboard.   

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