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5 UX Practices for Better Website

User experience has become the apple of everyone’s eye. We live in a performance-oriented world and we constantly want to improve – even when something we have done is already pretty good. This attitude is praiseworthy and sometimes works wonders. Especially in the context of the fight for the user. Do you know what distinguishes a good page or app from a perfect one? Well, these five rules.

1. Keep it simple

Ever heard about the “KISS” principle? It’s an acronym for “keep it simple, stupid” or “keep it stupid simple”. The rule is all about avoiding unnecessary complexity. It is said that the thought comes directly from the U.S. military and was pretty popular among the aircraft engineers. Its roots go back to the situation in which engineers had to build an aircraft that will be repairable with basic tools by an average engineer.

How does KISS relate to the contemporary needs of software design companies? At Coders House, we simply love to… simplify things. It’s the best way to think about IT solutions we are working on: the highest quality software, platforms and apps. KISS is invaluable in terms of defining project goals. Thanks to the principle, we save time, resources and a lot of stress. The same applies to the websites we create. We know that users want clear solutions that are pleasant and easy to use. So, keep it simple!

2. Make it work immaculately

While thinking about user experience, think about your personal feelings. About what you like and what you don’t like on websites. One of the things that we all hate (without exception) is a website that doesn’t work properly. Think about website as your business card. It should represent your style and important values ​​as well as your approach to business and good taste. No errors, bad graphics or weird fonts. It must be clean and functional.

3. User first

Sounds too obvious? And yet, many people forget about it. Let the user feel that they have full control when visiting the website. Show them that their feelings are in the first place and that the site has one crucial role: to satisfy their needs. We strive to make the website not only a place with information – we want it to arouse emotions and be remembered.

Sure, complex projects are welcome, but most users visit the site to get what they want in the shortest possible time. Therefore, help them find what they came for and do something they will remember. In other words, you need to be…

4. Fast and spectacular

There’s nothing wrong with visual effects. Especially when they are well integrated into the site. The average user visits dozens of pages a day, so memorable (most of us are visual learners) graphic elements are one of the best ways to make them come back. While website design is extremely important, website speed is the magical key to success. A site that loads slowly is is simply annoying to the user. Do your best to make the website work quickly. Once again, the thesis that users want to get the benefit as soon as possible is confirmed.

5. Go mobile

Last but not least, responsive web design. Whoever thinks or says that the desktop version of your WWW is the most important version, is wrong. It’s all about mobile now. According to global reports, mobile (over 51%) overtook the desktop (about 45%) many, many months ago. The rest of the internet population is using tablets.

Having knowledge about these statistics, we can definitely say that the era of responsive websites has come. It’s time for scrollable pages which can be completely scanned in just a few seconds. It’s definitely more convenient and intuitive – especially for mobile users.

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