Hello, it’s us!

We are a kind team of developers, managers, designers, and much more. At work, we follow one rule: Keep it simple.

We want to inspire others with what we do. Together we create a work environment full of understanding and good vibes. We believe in ourselves and we care about our clients.

Paulina Woźniak, CEO Coders House

The Coders House Decalogue

  1. We believe in new technologies.
  2. We go for the blockchain technology.
  3. The IT world has no secrets for us.
  4. We believe that the best solutions are simple solutions.
  5. We are not afraid of mistakes. We fix them.
  6. “We speak” many programming languages.
  7. We work in Wroclaw, but we will conquer the world.
  8. We code the future.
  9. We love business-thinking.
  10. We are encoded for success.


Your vision. Our mission.

The world is hungry for new, innovative ideas. We also are ravenous. We specialize in cryptocurrency and breakthrough blockchain technology. We believe that this is what the business of the future is waiting for. We believe that high tech requires high quality, which is why we provide our clients with simple, top-class solutions. At Coders House we develop software, create Android and iOS apps and social media platforms. We also provide IT outsourcing. Find out what we can do for you.

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