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Automation Everywhere – Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Nowadays technology is developing very fast. Day by day we can see huge differences in our everyday life. New technologies become available not only in science and IT companies, but it also helps us at work, during the home routine and in different types of communication. It is very hard to find part of our life without new technologies and there are more and more parts which are already automated.

The importance of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing now very fast. All our dreams which we had based on sci-fi movies and books can bring to the truth, and it can be done sooner than we thought. New technologies are changing rapidly and it is done now. But is it mean that we all lose our jobs because of the process of automatization? What jobs are safe and who can feel insecure at that time?

There is no one right answer in which jobs will be eliminated by automatization and robots. But it can be predicted that the most affected ones will those where computer technique or learning systems can do simple tasks faster, more effective and with barely any chance of making a mistake. It could be for example low-skilled office tasks. Of course, it doesn’t mean that more qualified positions are untouchable because as time is passing there are new possibilities to automate even very complicated and complex processes. It doesn’t mean that soon we all lose our jobs and robots will work instead of us, but there are more and more possibilities for automatization.

If you want, you can always check how it looks with your job. Just check the website “Will Robots Take My Job?” Put there your job position and check how it looks. The algorithm will give you a percentage, some additional numbers, and comments of other users. It is as simple as that.

AI is transforming in many different sectors. Let’s check a few the most important, we will tell you how it can be automated and how it can be useful for us.
Transport – self-drive cars it is no more only a movie idea, there are already tested, eventually, most of the transportation sector can be done automatically – buses, cars, trucks, even planes, but these procedures need time.
Education – this sector is already becoming more and more digital, especially in days when we can not join classes personally there is the chance for e-learning and online courses.
Health-care – this is a quite unexpected idea to automatization that sector, but when there are hard times like now, when we should not visit our doctor in person if it is not needed, we can see it is possible, e-consultation, chats with a specialist or even chatbots which helps us with symptoms.
Home-service – it is already happened, who didn’t hear adverts of self-driving vacuum cleaner or oven which is turning off at the right time, smart home devices are all around.

We have to remember that AI, robots and any other type of automatizations are not our enemies. We automate processes and communication to make our life easier and to do many things quicker and better. We should not be afraid of it, we should learn how to live, work and communicate in the automated world.

Photo by Andrew Wulf on Unsplash

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