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Content Marketing – the Reason Why Every Software House Needs a Blog

Software house is mainly associated with work in an innovative environment, full of software developers and advanced solutions from the world of new technologies. Everything is correct, but wait… The whole world needs to know about all those revolutionary things that happen behind the company’s door, right? And here comes the content. The content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is a series of actions that are aimed at increasing brand awareness and gaining valuable leads as well as new customers. It includes such materials as blog posts, infographics, e-books, case studies, video materials and posts on social media channels. We can call it briefly “write or create and pass on”. The goal of content marketing is to reach a wide audience and build a long-term brand-customer relationship. As Doug Kessler said:

“Traditional marketing talks to people. Content marketing talks with them.”

When developer meets copywriter

It might seem that the software house is far from running a blog. However, nowadays such a move is not surprising to anyone. A company blog is a great tool for building a brand image and when comes to the technology company, this image should be at the expert level. How to achieve it? The best way is to engage two teams: the development and the marketing departments. A true challenge is to take what is innovative and groundbreaking into a marketing framework. Hence, good content needs engineers to share their experience and skills in all possible ways. Knowledge and practice are the clue. In combination with copywriting skills, it works wonders and can become a milestone in business development.

“Content is king.”

“Content is king.” This sentence said by Bill Gates has already more than 20 years but is still gaining value. All marketers, also in software houses, certainly agree. So how create great content and make it effective? Here are three golden rules:

  • First of all, simplicity – texts should be written in a simple, essential and engaging way.
  • The next thing, regularity – publications should be posted regularly and even with a set schedule so that readers know what and when to expect.
  • Thirdly, no ads – in creating content we should avoid direct advertising.

Of course, there are many more rules of good content marketing. Many of them relate to SEO. What are the main criteria that support good content and which we should follow when optimizing websites?

  1. Keywords and analysis

This is the basis when it comes to positioning. The content must contain keywords and phrases that are related to a particular activity and that will be used to optimize the site. What is equally important, is to monitor data and KPI’s through selected analytical tools.

  1. Friendly URLs

This is something that might not come to mind first when working with content, but it’s crucial. A friendly, short and easy to remember URL is good for an overall look and the SEO. 

  1. Aesthetics

Everything related to our site, website or blog should be friendly for the user and make him want to stay with us for longer. Layout, graphics and texts should be consistent and harmonious. The richer the content, the simpler its form should be.

The queen is… strategy

If content is king, strategy must be queen. All good content requires an appropriate tactic. As a software house, we also need to choose and get to know our target. For us, it will be customers from different industries, and future employees, including software engineers. The language of communication and the content should meet the requirements of both groups. For the strategy to be effective, it’s worth answering the questions: „To whom?”, „What?” And „Why?”. Who should our end-user be? What do we want to communicate? And why are we doing this?

Undoubtedly, what every company wants is to build a committed community around the brand. To do this, you need to know not only who they are, but also where your users are. You can certainly meet them on popular platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. For the company with a narrow specialization, it’s worth looking around for more industry-specific websites or forums corresponding to a particular branch. The most important is to be close to the people to whom we dedicate our solutions. Using the magic of content marketing, we can make them want to invite us to their world. In the end: 

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”
Tom Fishburne

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