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How to Build a Strong IT Team

There are so many different IT companies that enter the market every year. Even now, somewhere in the world there is a new company launching. How is it possible that so many of them have no chance to become successful? If not only a great idea, what can be a crucial for the company to lead them to the top? The answer is: people. It sounds trivially, but there is no good company without a great and strong team. Let’s check what should be done to create a strong IT team.

Focus on the roles and goals

There are no two same people in the world. You have to accept that you won’t find the exact „copy” of the expert. Individualistic attitudes of your team members should be always appreciated. Get to know your employees and find out what are they good at and assign the roles properly.  Don’t look for the genius developer if you lack good Project Manager – good managing skills can work wonders for team efficiency. It is better to have fewer employees, but suited for their roles.

Every new person in the team will feel a little uncertain, because of the lack of knowledge about rules in the team and in the company. It is very important to establish your expectations (as a manager) just from the beginning. It will be easier for a new team member and you will avoid some misunderstanding later. Knowing the general team’s goals, individual goals and ways of achieving them is important for every team member.

Communication is a key

It sounds like a cheap phrase, but it is true. There is no great team without good communication. It can be done in different ways. Nowadays, there are many platforms and communication channels that your team members can be on different continents and still keep in touch all the time. The most important is to set up good communication rules and… just talk. It is a great idea to have specific time established when all team members can meet (even online) and talk to each other about their work, progress and problems. It also gives them sense that they are part of something bigger, even if they work separately. The key to success is to communicate with each other, share your ideas or difficulties and let everyone have their voice listened. 

Know each other

Knowing your team members not only as a co-worker can be very helpful. Try to meet after work, spend some time together. These little things can create a specific bond in the team that makes it even better. After work meetings can be also a great opportunity to celebrate smaller or bigger team successes. Did you fulfill your goal for that quarter? Celebrate it. Let your employees feel that this success is something special and that they are part of it. Employees who know that they did great things in that team, will make even bigger in the future.

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