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IT Industry In Time Of Coronavirus – How To Use New Technologies During The Epidemic

New technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence – all of that is developing to help us in everyday life. Especially in hard times. In times like now – during coronavirus pandemic which is all over the world we can look for the IT industry to find some ideas to improve our lives. Let’s find out how new technology can help people during coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants help us all the time, for example, answering the most common questions. Especially now it’s so important to use such technology. Doctors, nurses, people who work in customer service or managers – they all have much more important work to do now. We can not bother them questions which can be answered by a machine. Their time now is too precious. Now, every day we can see a new virtual assistant. There are a lot of chatbots, voice assistants or some kind of automatize forms. By talking with them we can check what are the symptoms of coronavirus, what we should do and what is forbidden. We are also able to check by answering a few questions if we possibly could be infected. This solution is giving people all essential pieces of information about the health situation in their city, country or even all around the world and there is no need to use doctors’ or experts’ time on it. One of the examples of virtual assistants who was created because of the pandemic is WhatsApp chatbot created by WHO.

Live, work and study remotely

If it’s possible, we all should stay at home. We have to invent a new style of work and learn without going out. Schools in many countries are closed and children have online classes. Lectures live on Skype, exams by Zoom or class meetings in the world of Minecraft – these ideas are not out of our minds. This is already happening. We all learn how to adapt all these new technologies to our day to day routines. Video calls, online meetings, emails, chats – we are using all the tools available to be in touch with our coworkers, classmates, and friends. Teachers and managers have now a very difficult task to do – they have to give us not only the knowledge of the subject but also knowledge of how we can get to it in such an unusual situation. Education methods had to be changed, and it was a very quick transformation. Speaking of methods – new technologies give a lot of opportunities to make something unusual, something extraordinary. There are, for example, educational virtual escape rooms where children have to use their knowledge from the class. There are also interesting trips – we can not go to the museum but we can check on 360۫︒ cameras the exhibitions and learn more about it. Spending time at home can be difficult, but many cultural places want to give us some fun during that period. By making transmissions of their concerts and spectacles they share with us precious art.

Smartphone applications

We cannot agree that there is an application for everything but we use them all the time in almost every part of our lives. It’s nothing strange that now, due to coronavirus pandemic, there are becoming more and more of new apps. We can check the symptoms. We also can be up to date on how the situation looks like all over the world. Maps are showing us how the virus is spreading. We can find there the most important information and alerts. Also in Poland, there was created an app for all of those who are quarantine – one can find there some instructions, alerts or some contacts if there was a need or any problems. All these applications can be helpful. They let us be well informed and feel more secure.


Photo by Cory Checketts on Unsplash

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