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Modern Employee Development Tools

According to the basic assumptions of the concept of human resources management given employees organization is its strategic resource. Potential in which it is worth investing. Development employees can be an opportunity for employers to solve the generated problem due to the current labor market – there is not enough qualified managerial staff.

Training and Development

The concept of Training and Development has been used in the area of ​​HR for a long time. “Training” is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. “Development” is more expansive and focuses on employee progress and future performance rather than on the immediate current professional role. Nowadays, both activities are mandatory for a modern enterprise. These tools can also serve as a solution to the problematic situation related to the availability of qualified staff.

The current labor market generates a real problem for employers in the form of a real lack of employees. Large enterprises (such as industrial plants being built) must ensure huge recruitment in a relatively short time to ensure the right number of employees. The biggest problem is the employment of people from the management – these are the people the labor market is simply lacking or the rates for their employment are high outside the employer’s budget. To solve this problem, companies focus on another solution, namely employing less qualified specialists and “educating” them as managers through “Training and Development” programs.

This method is pretty appropriate, but there are more obstacles on the horizon. First of all, managing the entire process. Combining the time-consuming tasks and other responsibilities are a real challenge for HR Departments. Technology that helps nowadays can create digital tools that will effectively carry out the process of “creating” a manager in an organization. The application, i.e. the employee development system, is a solution that allows you to streamline the entire process. Everything becomes faster, easier and more friendly for the user, managers and HR Department. The system deals with training and development. In addition, it is a place where an employee can remotely handle all matters with HR Department, communicate and engage in business matters.

Digitization comes to the rescue

The ubiquitous digitization is a fact which appears in every element of our professional life. It also reaches aspects of business such as training the right staff in an organization. Current situation related to the availability of qualified employees on the labor market is constantly becoming more and more problematic. That’s why companies should go for all available digital IT tools, such as the employee development system. It is a solution tailored to the enterprise that gets with the times. Employee development system is one of the tools that have the chance to revolutionize human resource management.

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