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Software Development Process: Why Teamwork is so Important

Teamwork isn’t just an often repeated word. For all companies, all processes and types of job activities, teamwork is crucial and makes our lives much easier.

Teamwork in the software development process is very important. It is widely spoken than developers work alone and there is no need to make some kind of cooperation between team members. This is so not true. Even they usually are not working with one another it doesn’t mean that they are not part of the team. Teamwork is also very important for these teams in which members have such individualistic tasks. At the end of the day, all of them work for the same goal.

Efficiency increase

Working together (even with different tasks) on one goal and trying to finish the product can increase efficiency. Team members can encourage themselves, help and support each other using their experience and knowledge. Teamwork can reduce the time needed for finishing projects. Also, when team members cooperate with each other they can make “double-check”. This way, they can decrease the possibility of mistakes occuring in the final product. When team members know each other strengths and weaknesses work can go much more efficiently.   

Creativity encourages

When the team meets people with different areas of expertise, experience and style of work there is a space for creativity. Sharing ideas and thoughts can be very helpful. Creativity and innovation in teams are often created just because of the different perspectives of their members. Sharing ideas and feeling comfortable with expressing their point of view can result in ideas and innovations about the product as well. 

Processes matter

Another very big advantage of teamwork is the fact that feedback can be given in a continual way. This can quickly improve processes and ways of work among the team. Quick and constant feedback gives the possibility to have an agile system of work. It allows to make needed changes quickly and adapt to the current situation. There is no need to fix mistakes at the end of the project. It is much safer to check it all the time and prevent the next ones. 

How to improve teamwork in your company?

To improve teamwork in your company or team you should focus on a few elements which can at the beginning seem like not very important ones. But believe it – great things start with the small steps. 

  • Firstly, make sure that all team members know the main goal of that project. They can work separately with completely different tasks but with the conviction that they are part of something more important and bigger. 
  • It is important to make sure that all of the team members are aware of their responsibilities and responsible for their own actions. You don’t want to have a group in which people start to blame each other or avoid consequences when something goes wrong. 
  • As an owner, manager or leader you should make sure that your team is committed to the project they are working on. Let them be in the process from the beginning. 
  • Don’t be afraid of conflicts. There are no groups or teams where you can avoid conflict situations at all. In solid teams, conflict can be opportunity to talk and make some changes. Treat conflicts more like a chance to develop something innovative or improve your processes.   
  • Trust each other. Do your part of the job and let others do their. Without trust, you can’t build the most effective and solid team.

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