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Technology supporting the environment

Nowadays health and everything connected to that is the most important thing to develop and improve. But before the time of the pandemic, the Earth was facing up with other massive problems – global warming and the changes it brings. Ecology is no longer a trend, now, it’s a crucial need to save the planet. Fortunately, even new technologies, which are often blamed for environmental problems, are proposing solutions to save our only place to live. Let’s go through a few examples of how new technologies are helping to fight climate change.

Save the planet

On the one hand, it can sound paradoxical that smart, electronic devices that help us every day, can minimize our energy use. However, it’s true. All those smart tools making our lives much easier also have another advantage. Smart devices use artificial intelligence (AI) to control energy consumption by turning it off when aren’t in use. Some smart applications can send a notification to help you save energy. For example, when you left the refrigerator doors open. Gadgets like smart thermostats and motion-activated lighting can be used in our house, but also companies. It helps us save not only unnecessary used energy but also money.

Share the planet

Recently, people switched to the sharing economy. Nowadays, we are no longer attached to the material belongings – we don’t have to own something to use it and to feel we have right to it. It can be seen in many parts of our day-to-day life. Sharing economy means fewer individual purchases and using fewer materials which reduces our environmental impact. It can be seen for example in transport – carsharing becomes more and more popular – people more often decide to use that solution instead of buying a car. We no more use DVD nor other portable data carriers – now people use streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO GO. Also during traveling, we can choose couch surfing or Airbnb and share the space.

Develop the planet

People, civilization, new technologies – all of that is a cause of planet damage and climate change. Sometimes we explore our Mother Earth so much that we lack the essential resources. The solution to letting our planet breathe again can be the usage of renewable energy. Most of our everyday life routines are based on water and energy usage. Globally, we use too much of these resources to leave our climate without changes. Renewable energy, like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, is not only more common than a few years ago but also more affordable. There are also new developments in that area – for example, solar glass which can also generate electricity from the sun’s energy. There are also such inventions like fake meat or plant-based plastic, which production and usage cause less damage to the environment.

We shouldn’t be afraid of new technologies in terms of climate change. It should be taken as an opportunity to improve our environment. With technology, we can create a safe world without climate change and with great developments helping us in ecological life.

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

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