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The 5 most important features of a good mobile application

Nowadays it would be hard to live in a mobile applications-free world. They are everywhere and thanks to them, we can deal with almost every day-to-day issue. The apps simplify traveling, shopping, ordering food, watching our favorite movies, and so on. They become essential but like everything that surrounds us, they can be of low or high quality. So how can we know, the application is the best choice and will work for us? Let’s find out what are its most important features.


First of all, a mobile application HAS TO be useful. It’s the main purpose of this tool. It’s not another keychain that shines. A good application is the one which can solve our problem and help us. When you produce app the main questions you should be asked yourself are “Why people should have that app?” and “How long and how often will they use it?”. Creating a mobile app, first of all, you should think about its future users. It’s not important what are your ambitions and creativity. It should be a product made for people in a way they need it. Remember – user first.


Why we use mobile applications at all? Very often we decide to use the apps because we want to minimize some processes. We need to do some things quicker and easier. Even the best-prepared application will have serious problems on a market if it will work slowly. We live in a fast world and need products that can follow us (or in the best vision will be far ahead). Don’t forget about that aspect while preparing your product. All we need is a quick app.


This is another thing in our everyday life which proves that less is more. Simplicity is a very important aspect of mobile applications. By simplicity, we don’t mean the only aspect of using it but also the appearance. From the beginning, we should know what and how we can do thanks to the app. Simplicity means saving time. Fewer clicks mean a better user experience. Also, smartphones are not little laptops, we can’t see all details on a big screen, so don’t hide anything from your users. Remember about creating simple and clear paths to guide users while there are in.


We are using different smartphones, operating systems, and types of mobile devices. On every tool, our app will look a little different. Make sure that you checked that differences and everywhere your product looks as good as it’s possible. Test your solution on different devices. Make sure that if you recommend your application for some device or operating system, it will look and work well.


Last but not least, a good mobile application is the one that the users can rely on. Your product has to work well all the time, so be prepared to make some changes to update it and to optimize it. Remember also that changes are good and users will ask for them, but no one likes a revolution in an app. The big update which can change the user app routine is one of the biggest mistakes.

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

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