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The power of the e-commerce market

These strange days when almost everything was moved to the Internet, online shopping becomes much more needed and natural. Nowadays even people who preferred more traditional ways of shopping have to go online. The percentage of online market share in total sales grows every year. What is so good about e-commerce? Let’s find out why and where people go for online shopping.

Advantages of online shopping

One of the biggest advantages is advertising accessibility. In regular stores, shopping banners can reach people who pass by or some brand lovers who are visiting that shop. Online retailers can get to a much bigger group. The visibility of the brand can become impressive because of the proper optimization of the website, good positioning, and advertising. 

When you shop online, there are almost no geographical limits. You can buy things from the shop which is on the other side of your city, country or even on another continent. Of course, sometimes shipping from the end of the globe could be not worth it, but you always have such an opportunity. 

It is not only geographical easier, but e-commerce is just more accessible. It’s open twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week.  You can stay in an online store how much time you want to, and come back whether you need it again. We all know it, in the online, there is never a queue. 

 Imagine that walking into the store in a shopping mall at the front you have the only type of products you like and you don’t have to look for them. Sound like… online shopping. Personalization is another, a very important, advantage of e-commerce. When you do it from time to time, you leave traces. Algorithms collect them and process to make your life better, by showing you products which you may like and want to buy.

E-commerce in Poland

It is said that in the previous year more than eighty-three percent of people in Poland (in age 7-74) are Internet users. This is more than three out of four people. Also, 62% of those people admit that the minimum once did online shopping. They mentioned 24 hours/7 days accessibility, the possibility to do it from home, and no time limits as motivating factors (all information comes from Gemius and Chamber of Electronic Economy report).

So what we know is that Poles like online shopping, but what exactly they buy? In the first place of the products which are likely to buy online are clothes and accessories. Shoes are right behind them. In the third position, there are books, movies, and games. Also, more than half of online shoppers admit that they buy cosmetics and perfumes as well.

Now, when we already know why and what people in Poland buy via the Internet, the last question is where? Due to the report, the most frequently mentioned in that question brands were Allegro, OLX, and Zalando. These are the websites that come to customers’ minds at first. Allegro and Zalando were also at the podium when people were asked about clothes shopping. In the category of electronics and household appliances the most mentioned shops were RTV Euro AGD, Media Markt, and Media Expert. In the beauty industry, the leaders are Rossmann and Douglas. And when it comes to house decorating and furnishing your house and the garden Allegro, Castorama, OBI, and Ikea are the top ones.

There is no doubt that e-commerce is more and more popular. The global situation at that time forces on the one hand even small businesses to show themselves online, and on the other bring more and more of these people who preferred traditional shopping to the online stores. There are a lot of advantages to online shopping and we shouldn’t be afraid of e-commerce – this is our future.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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