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Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends in 2020

As the 2020 begins, it is a good time to think about trends in technology. Every year there are a few strategic technologies that are the leading ones. We chose five for the next months and we will try to break them down for you.

1. Hyperautomation

Automation was very important and very strongly developing field during last year. Although it was a year of many successes in that area, 2020 is a year that will bring it to another level. This is how idea of hyperautomation came across. In the past, people tried to improve their services or even lifes by replacing human in actions which can be done (better) by automate programs or machines. Nowadays, it is not enough. Automation is using technology to automate tasks which are executed by people. But the real need now is hyperautomation, which involves everything that can be automated. It means that companies are really in need of complex automation of all the internal and external processes. Hyperautomation is using advanced applications and tools, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

2. Practical blockchains

Blockchains are transactional records wrote as cryptographically signed ledger. It is safe way to collect data, mostly because if they are once wrote it is very hard to remove or change it. Blockchains are usually used in FinTech, cryptocurrency or insurance business. This solution is also used in smart contracts. It allows to track current or past changes. Complete blockchain should have five elements:

  • shared and distributed ledger
  • encryption
  • tokenization
  • immutable and traceable ledger
  • distributed public consensus mechanism

3. Distrubuted clouds

2020 will bring us more distributed clouds. It means that public clouds dissipate their services to locations outside the datacenters, but they will be still under control of the provider. Going from centralised public clouds to distributed clouds is a revolution and it brings computer clouds in to the new era. This solution is combining benefits both public and local clouds. Provider is still responsible of every aspect like delivery, operations, updates or architecture and at the same time cloud can be located anywhere.

4. AI Security

Automation, hyperautomation and other similiar solutions give us many opportunities in business. Technologies like AI or machine learning can unfortunately create some security vulnerabilities, which can be used to attack the system. In 2020 teams which are responsible for safety of this processes have to concentrate on 3 key perspectives:

  • security of AI processes, trainings and data 
  • using AI to enhance security defense and automating parts of the cybersecurity processes,
  • going ahead of negative use of AI by attackers.

5. Transparency

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of their personal data and they want to have full control over it. Many of them are able to manage personal date in safe way, but governments still want to help people by providing strict legislation in that area. Transparency and traceability are crucial elements in supporting safe data management. Replacing some processes with AI or ML can make people feel unsafe. In 2020, it is important to focus on trust and its elements: ethics, integrity, openness, accountability, competence and consistency.

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