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Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

The year is coming to an end. This is the perfect time to plan and make some New Year’s resolutions. Why learning a new programming language couldn’t be one of them? Before you start collecting your knowledge, let’s check trends for 2020 in that field. There are 3 programming languages which you should have on your “must have” list in the next year and 3 more which are really something else…


Python is becoming more and more popular. Although it is multi-purpose programming language, it is mostly used for data science, machine learning, web development and applications. This language is not hard to learn and it is very popular among beginners as well as more advanced developers. Why? It has intelligible syntax. Many well known brands use Python while programming applications or websites (for example, Instagram or Pinterest).

Why should you learn it?

Python is very often used in data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence and they become more and more popular nowadays. Website development can be supported by Python (for example framework called Django) and it can be the easiest programming language that you can use to that. There are many possibilities connected with Python – big libraries and many frameworks. That means you don’t have to start from the scratch.


JavaScript is very popular programming language – it is also called NodeJS. It can be used in the front and back web development. It is perfect for the dynamic websites which become more and more popular. It is regularly updated and gives possibility to server-side and client-side programming. Popular sites which are developed in JavaScript: Uber, PayPal, eBay or Netflix.

Why you should learn it?

Development world is growing very fast and every solution should be dynamic. JavaScript can handle it. JavaScript is multi-purpose solution and it is visible in many different fields. There are a lot of work possibilities for developers who can use that programming language.


TypeScript has been developed by Microsoft to extend the capabilities of JavaScript. It is not hard to learn because of good design and the community support. The number of people who use that solution is constantly growing. TypeScript is object-oriented language – it really makes writing the code easier. It is very helpful because of complete description which you can get to every component of the code. It can be used to develop large applications as well.

Why you should learn it?

Typescript is easy to learn and it gives possibilities to quicker development with fewer errors. It is well designed and complete descriptions of every code elements are very helpful during programming. Typescript can be used also to build complex applications and extended toolbox makes that process easier and quicker.

Also good to know:


Kotlin is sometimes shown as an alternative to Java when you talk about Android development. It is supported by Google and that can be one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity during the last few years. It is a good choice when you want to improve your skills in Android app development.

(GO) Golang

GO is modern and popular solution maintained by Google. It takes a big part in new projects made by Google and some of the oldest solutions are being replaced by GO. It is system-level programming language. It is growing very fast and it is said it has a chance to replace well-known solutions like JavaScript or C++.


Swift was introduced by Apple and it is general-purpose programming language. It is easy to learn and fast. Thanks to its versatility and practical solutions it has replaced Objective-C and now it became the main programming language for Apple applications. There is also Swift Playgrounds that can introduce beginners to this language and help them create iOS application in a very short time.

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