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Welcome to the Software House

Ready or not, the digital revolution has come. We don’t have to look far to notice how our lives are changing. In consequence, it takes control of the labor market, by creating new workplaces and types of enterprises. One of them is the software house. What kind of business is this and who can be on board of this ship?

Where tomorrow’s technology is born

The financial, medical, automotive or fashion industries – each of them already is or soon will become part of the IT environment. The technological progress is highly expansive. Nowadays concern nearly each service sector. There are more and more various apps and platforms which were born to “optimize” our lives. The e-commerce field is truly at the forefront of the digital world. We click and buy things, click and book a hotel, finally click and… fall in love – though it is said that not everything is for sale.

Although the pace of changes seems crazy we accept it as a natural way of development, without wondering where all these social transformations have their roots. In many cases, the software house is the place where innovative solutions are brought to life. It stands to reason that where the new technology is born, there is a high-qualified team behind it. So who exactly are the people at the software house backstage?

Full (software) house

Have you ever wondered who works in the software house and why are they almost all developers and engineers? Well, it’s not quite like that. For such an enterprise to be able to thrive and conquer the world, a highly specialized and versatile team is needed. The software house, like any other company, has its ecosystem. To exist, one should have someone to work for. Therefore, it’s a client who stands at the beginning of the business circle. The software house is a full house. Full of highly qualified software engineers, testers, designers UI/UX, and also project managers, graphic designers and marketing specialists.

What’s important, the software houses are companies born global – it means that one who works there, should know not only programming languages, but also foreign languages. In the software house, there will be room for every single talent – not only the one with technological skills. The point is the team should be complementary. The IT industry constantly becomes even more powerful – no wonder then that its labor market belongs to the employee. The winner is who has both: skills and experience. Indeed, it’s people who stand behind the company’s success – especially when talking about “the young and hungry” software house.

Inside the innovation

The contemporary market is constantly changing. What has worked before now may no longer fulfill its function. This is the reason why teams working on innovative solutions have to be vigilant, ready for continuous learning and willing to work with the client who often doesn’t understand complicated and encrypted issues. What is most important in project management? It’s the methodology of work. Software houses usually work in Scrum using the Agile method. The work is then based on 2-4 week cycles (Sprint), during which the client has an insight into the subsequent stages of the project. To improve the quality of work, the software houses use the “Continuous Delivery” or “Continuous Deployment” processes.

What does it mean? It’s simply creating software that can be launched at any time, and thus it makes delivery of the final product faster, more efficient and even less expensive. It’s related to the fact that, depending on business assumptions, software houses provide support at every stage of the project. With the development of new technologies, there are more and more unknown terms. One of them is the revolutionary blockchain technology, which software houses more and more willingly use in their work. Going further, we can come across the cryptocurrencies and many other smart solutions that the IT experts are bringing to us. It’s easy to see how the language of our future evolves. In the face of this, we should allow software specialists to become our translators and help us to familiarize ourselves with the new reality. Their imagination combined with hard work is a powerful weapon.

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