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What is Agile Software Development?

If you don’t want to have a company which products are full of bugs and hence customer dissatisfaction, agile software development can be a solution. The agile approach in developing is becoming more and more popular. Many companies applied that method and now they can see real profits for their business.

What does “agile” mean?

The exact definition of that word presents the ability to the constant change. Agile means to deal with the existing environment, which often goes with customizing processes, goals or steps to the current changes. Agile software development also uses that approach in programming and working processes. This method was created in 2001 and it all become with the “Agile Manifesto” publication. The manifesto was prepared by seventeen people, who created twelve rules which you should follow to enter agile to your work. They are showing the superiority of individuals and interactions over the processes and tools which we can use. Manifesto shows that at the end of the day working software is more important than documentation. It confirms that collaboration with the customer is more valuable than contract negotiations. One of the most important lessons which we can take from the “Agile Manifesto” is to put responding to changes over following the strict plan.

Elements of agile software development

Sprint planning
One of the inseparable elements of the agile method is sprint planning. This is the meeting that takes place at the beginning of a sprint (specific time frame to the team in which they work, for example, two weeks). It is important that in sprint planning we should involve teams, product owners as well as a scrum master. During that meeting, all of them together plan what goals they have and what will be delivered in the next sprint. That kind of time-framed and constant meeting can help organize the team and correct the thing in which they failed last time.

Daily standup meetings

The daily standup meeting goal is to update the team about their tasks and thoughts. This should be a very short brief gives every day among team members. It is important that it is not a place to go very detailed, just a few the most important plans or goals for the next day and what was achieved the day before. Daily meetings help build transparency in the team and it is good to be able to see progress in the group day by day.

Sprint retrospective
The sprint retrospective is usually a one-hour meeting which is at the end of the individual sprint. This is also, as in sprint planning, contains team members, product owner, and scrum master. Sprint retrospective should be focused rather on team progress than on a project. This is the time when they can talk together about achievements and the processes to find what went well and what didn’t during the last sprint.

Why is that a good idea?

The agile software development method makes all that process quicker and it helps to build a client’s trust. As we live in a very fast world and the IT market is developing all the time it is very important to learn how to respond to that change and be able to change requirements rapidly and suit the environment at the time. The next very important attitude of the agile approach is feedback and transparency in the team. And last but not least, in the agile method, we always put people over processes.

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