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What is Digital Twin Technology and How Will It Change our World

The concept of digital mapping has changed the work of many companies, simplifying, organizing and thus improving the management process. All this thanks to the combination of the physical product and its simulation. What’s the secret of digital twins?

There are solid grounds to believe that the ancestor of all digital twins was the Apollo 13 mission and – created especially for its needs – a virtual model of the spaceship. NASA took advantage of the connection and (thanks to the mapping of the state of the machine) brought the crew safely to Earth. Apollo 13 „Twin” enabled specialists to respond to current failures and implement patches in real time. All this despite the distance between the Flight Center in Texas and… the unit launched into space.

At the time, nobody was talking about digital twins. Now we know that NASA used the digital twin exactly in the same way and for the same purpose as dozens of companies working on a new product. The digital twin impresses with its ability to predict and use data for further development.

One of these companies is Oracle. They made an intriguing division in their tool and made it possible to create two types of twins: predictive and digital. The first is the answer to the question of what will happen to the product in the future, what failures can occur and how to prevent them by monitoring changes. Digital is an exact copy that is based on current data. Its goal is to analyze everyday work in order to better understand all processes and find potential optimization options.

The automotive industry also keeps an eye on the pulse. Tesla Motors is another example of the use of digital twins in the creation of modern machines. To provide customers with better service and reliability of the vehicles sold, Tesla creates a digital twin for every car sold. What is the role of this „riding twin”? The company constantly updates the software (based on data from vehicle sensors) and sends the said updates to its products spread all over the world. This impressive process is a great example of how the digital twins concept works perfectly when you need to respond quickly to current customer needs without generating excessive costs and unnecessary confusion.

Digital twins are also used to optimize the production process in factories. Thanks to the use of digital twins in production facilities, Bosch compares the production data of the production lines with the results of the digital twins of the lines with 100 percent efficiency. The effects are – once again – phenomenal. Variations in production are instantly identified and repaired. By combining the lines and creating their „twins”, the company boasted a 25% improvement in performance in specific production areas. 

Digital twins are the future that is happening right before our eyes. It is changing the world of logistics, trade, electronics, transport and many others. We predict many fascinating successes for this relatively new, but still not fully developed concept.

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