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Why the Discovery Call is So Important

Discovery call is one of the most important (if not THE most important) type of conversation during sales processes. It helps small companies build relations with potential customers. Discovery call is the first connection between the representation of your business and someone who thought that your product or services are worth their attention. From the sales point of view, this is a crucial moment.

To specify – discovery call is a kind of small interview. The main goal is to get to know you and your potential client better and be sure that there is that kind of ‘chemistry’ that will allow you to work together. This is also a moment when you are able to understand better the client’s needs and expectations. When you get to know exactly what scope of work they want you to do, you will be able to estimate if you can handle it and how much time do you need. 

Discovery call is something more than the conversation about cooperation possibilities. It is very important for both sides – this is the moment when collaboration is beginning. 

There are a few rules which you should know about before you decide on that move. In the beginning, you should plan your discovery call. Be prepared before the phone rings. You won’t look professional asking questions that can be easily answered thanks to the documentation on even on the Internet. Also, it can be a good surprise for the other side if you will know something more about them – maybe last high-rated campaign or something about their roles in the company. Make your own or find templates of the discovery call preparation checklist and go with it. 

When you are well prepared and you know more about your potential client, you should ask yourself what other information will be crucial or useful for you. Make a list with questions about your future cooperation that you want to ask. For example – ‘What that process looks in your team?’, ‘Why you prefer work in that way?’ or ‘How much impact does this project have on your business?’. All of that kind of question will help you plan your work and make proper schedule. However, remember to limit the number of questions – it is not an examination and you don’t want your potential client to feel uncomfortable during that conversation. 

Then, become a visionary.  At the end of discovery call both sides can feel tired and a little bit frustrated. Client is facing the problem and business owners know that it will be an achievement to help them. This is a great moment to become a dreamer. Let’s open up a discussion about the end of that road that you are going to take together. Talk about the future, about results and how your project will be helpful and good for them. Don’t end the conversation with a bad vibe, let’s leave it with vision of better tomorrow.   

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