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Blockchain Solutions

Our task was to resolve blockchain scalability issues, to lower transaction fees and to reduce time spent for accepting the transaction. It was a real challenge. As a result, we got system which works on the principle of two-tier network where the second layer of nodes – called masternodes – is responsible for instant payments. When it happens, inputs of particular transaction are locked and authenticated by agreement of the masternode network. Instant payments provide the solution for the issue related to waiting for

confirmations when sending the transaction and merchants can deliver their goods right after the transaction occurs. It is entirely decentralised, relying on a ledger of transactions distributed across a worldwide network of computers and is based on blockchain technology.
We create crypto-fiat payment processors. These are gateways between any cryptocurrency and fiat currency world. You may still receive fiat currency wherease your business can accept cryptocurrencies.


  • Analysis of business needs.
  • Designing new cryptocurrencies/tokens.
  • Implementation of any cryptocurrency into current applications of our clients.
  • Making of dedicated wallets (mobile and web) for new cryptocurrencies or tokens.
  • Designing and implementation of cryptocurrency payments processors.
  • Maintenance.


  • We have analyzed the problem.
  • We have used the Event Storming method.
  • We have prepared a set of features.
  • We have worked using the AGILE methodology (SCRUM).
  • We have prepared continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions.
  • We have performed automatic and manual tests.
  • We are maintaining the application and the system.


  • C/C++ (blockchain)
  • Solidity (Ethereum)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Graph/NoSQL/relational databases
  • blockchain analytics tools

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