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Working in a Software House – What Does it Mean?

IT industry is growing up incredibly fast. Even several years ago there was really small percentage of people who worked in that market field – most of them as a IT specialists in big companies. It is good to remember that first Internet link in Poland was created in 1990. It was just 26 years ago! Nowadays, IT industry is present in every part of our lives. Specialist in many branches of that area of the market are working in different ways, using different tools and principles. IT workplace is necessity of choice for many people. One of the options is software house.

Software house – what is it?

The concept of software house is quite a new thing. It was created by the need of last few years. Generally speaking, such a company is focused on software development. From time to time it is also called as interactive agency. There are many similarities between them, but there is also one big difference. While interactive agency is focused on clients marketing and business needs, software house is focused on developing and technical work with client. Typically, final product of software house is not a standard program – more often it is very specialised product which responds to clients needs and requirements. Companies like this are responsible not only for developing process but also implementation and ongoing management and fixing errors (maintenance). 

Software house can be specialised in one branch, which is their field of expertise. Examples of services that software house can be specialised in:

  • web development
  • mobile development
  • data science
  • software tools 
  • security software
  • API development
  • e-commerce development
  • back-end development 

Some of the companies decide to provide more that one service to be able to complete clients needs in general. This type of complexed services is also on-demand. 

Developing and implementation is really important. However, clients choose software houses, because they want to feel that company will not only produce software for them, but also they need to get advice. Consulting is one of the biggest advantages of software house. In many companies process of developing is starting from client’s brief. Very often it is just a need that has to be covered by this implementation. Based on knowledge and experience of software house, employees create documentation of that project that includes every details and suggestions. Sometimes at that moment they also think about future development possibilities. This procedures build mutual trust and sense of transparency between client and software house. 

Advantage of software house

Most of the software houses have implemented Scrum system. This approach introduces good work organization and can eliminate chaos during even long-lasting projects (they can sometimes take a year or more). That kind of businesses are usually based on small teams that can create harmonious work environment. This is also a very good place to learn something. On the one hand, there are places for junior specialists as well as very experienced developers. On the other hand, advanced workers can learn more and more because of new project. IT industry is growing all the time. Furthermore, because of the type of work, accurate task scheduling and Scrum precision, employees can manage their work time as needed. We all have to feel free and be able to be spontaneous sometimes. 

Software houses know that from day to day their competition is growing. They feel that being good employer is not enough. More often companies provide many benefits, as very modern and creative offices in good locations or after work teams integrations. Businesses take care not only about work environment but also about outside work comfortable of people who they decide to work with. Would like to be a part of such a company?

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