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Working Remotely as a Team: Pros and Cons

Working remotely as a team is currently the only way to progress with the work. Home office can be something very common and useful for us, but only if we had experience in it. For those who always work at the office, it can be really hard. This is how to work from home and stay efficient.


Access to more talents much faster

Because of the ability to work remotely, there is no need to look only for people who are close to our localization. We can find someone who lives far away, even in a different country and use his talent and knowledge in a distance. It is good not only for business owners but also for employees. Now we have the opportunity to work for the company and be in a completely different place, which gives us many more options.

Increase in employee productivity

We are different, so why should we work in the same hours and environment? Remote work means more freedom about how employees want to work. Working from 8 am to 4 pm, sitting in the office in your “box” is not current assumption anymore. The most important is to talk about it with your team and establish the best option for everyone.

Cut costs

It shouldn’t be the most important or only reason why a company decides to let their employees work from home. But it is a true advantage – remotely work can reduce company costs. The biggest cut goes with the office when the company relies at all or in some part on working from home employees. For employees it also can be an opportunity to reduce their costs of living – they can choose a less expensive place to live and there are no costs of transport.


A lack of discipline

It has to be said – it is not easy to learn how to work at home. There are some rules, which you can follow to be an effective remote worker. Firstly, get yourself a place to work and let this place be only for this purpose. Secondly, do breaks like in the office. We all need some moments of a break during the day, so eat a meal, drink coffee, but remember that it is just a break. The third tip is that you should agree with your team your work hours – don’t be late and don’t let yourself work all day and night, because you are distracted all the time.

Work-life balance

Working from home doesn’t mean that you are available all the time 24 hours per day. When you agree with your team to some work hours try to stick to them. Of course, one day you will have a task which takes you more time, so the next day try to work less. It can be also a great idea to have another computer just for work that can be turn off when it is yours after a work time. We know it is hard not to click and “just check” something when it is so close.

Separate the team

It is hard to build a successful team when there is no “together” time. That’s why it is very important to integrate team members for example by organizing from time to time meetings or some parties. On one condition: it is possible. People who work together don’t have to like each other, but if they do, the work will go much better.

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